A Single Platform to Close Contracts Faster

Clearlaw helps businesses close deals faster by using AI to surface contract risk and provide a roadmap for closing.


How We're Different

Clearlaw is AI for the human side of your legal team.

Our platform analyzes language at a deeper level to focus your attention on what really matters to you. And we always show our work so you understand where the AI suggestions are coming from.


Repetitive backend processes are automated so that you can move confidently and quickly through contract review, whether it is your standard template or third party paper.

Why Do Legal Teams Love Clearlaw?


Risk Mitigation

Clearlaw surfaces contract risk automatically using your historical contracts, so you can feel confident that you didn't miss a key term. 



Teams can move faster with augmented review and their attention focused on the terms that matter.

Knowledge Retention


Losing a key team member doesn't mean you lose their contracting experience. Their best practices are automatically presented to new hires.



Learn what negotiation strategies work best to improve your processes.

Our approach is built around three core elements:



We always show our work regarding how AI suggestions are generated. You don't have to trust us.


User-Driven Decision Making

We always leave decisions up to the human reviewer. AI is great but it can't match the expertise of an experienced attorney. We just provide the data to help you make more informed decisions.


Constantly Improve Our AI

We strive to learn from every human decision in order to always improve our AI suggestions and provide you relevant information based on your evolving contracting preferences.

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